1974 XB Falcon Sedan

1974 XB Falcon Sedan - February 2020 - April 2020 Cover Story The XA Falcon, launched in February 1972, was distinctly different in shape to the XW-XY it replaced. The XB revamp in

1974 XB Falcon Sedan2022-01-02T19:55:04+10:00

1966 Ford Corsair GT

1966 Ford Corsair GT - November 2019 - January 2020 Cover Story I joined BVRC in 2018 following my purchase of a 1966 Ford Corsair GT V4. I was a member of the

1966 Ford Corsair GT2022-01-02T19:55:04+10:00

1977 LX Torana SL

1977 LX Torana SL - August 2019 - October 2019 Cover Story This story tells us how first impressions are usually the correct ones, and that sometimes it’s important to follow our instincts

1977 LX Torana SL2022-01-02T19:55:04+10:00

1986 Toyota Celica

1986 Toyota Celica - May 2019 - July 2019 Cover Story The 1986 Toyota Celica was the fourth generation of the Celica. Spanning seven generations and 35 years, the Celica’s history is a

1986 Toyota Celica2022-01-02T19:55:04+10:00

1929 Whippet

1929 Whippet - February 2019 - April 2019 Cover Story Those who take a fancy to a particular vehicle do so for many different reasons. When in his early teens Tony Spinks became

1929 Whippet2022-01-02T19:55:04+10:00

1958 Austin Lancer

1958 Austin Lancer - November 2018 - January 2019 Cover Story The Morris Minor, launched in 1948, became one of the best-selling and longest-lived British car models. In the 1950s BMC began work

1958 Austin Lancer2022-01-02T19:55:05+10:00

1954 FJ Holden Special Sedan

1954 FJ Holden Special Sedan - August-October 2018 Cover Story Some members may become nostalgic reading about Ken Seymour’s superb FJ Special sedan, but my own earliest FJ memories are anything but warm.

1954 FJ Holden Special Sedan2022-01-02T19:55:05+10:00

1955 R Series Bentley Saloon

May - July 2018 Cover Story In January 2017, while we were at Yamba on a rally with the Veteran Car Club of Australia (Queensland), my friend Mark told me of a 1955 R

1955 R Series Bentley Saloon2022-01-02T19:55:05+10:00

1999 GT40

February - April 2018 Cover Story It’s fitting that, on the fortieth anniversary of the Bayside Vehicle Restorers Club, our cover car should be a GT40. This fine example started as a kit from

1999 GT402022-01-02T19:55:05+10:00

1946 Sunbeam Talbot 10

November 17 - January 18 Cover Story In the late 1990's we were living at Norman Park and I was looking for a project. My son James tried talking me into doing up a version of

1946 Sunbeam Talbot 102022-01-02T19:55:05+10:00
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