The Bayside Vehicle Restorers Club was formed in 1978 by a group of motoring enthusiasts keen to ensure that the Redlands had a vehicle club to support the hobby interests of historic vehicle restorers and users.

Membership is open to all motor vehicle owners, however, the emphasis is on supporting vehicles that are more than 30 years old.

On February 16 th 1978, 10 interested people gathered at John and Dawn Wright’s
residence to discuss the formation of a restorers club. The general opinion was that a club
would be an asset to the district. The following were elected to office.

  • Les Collins – President
  • Win Collins – Secretary
  • Ralph Harman – Treasurer

After discussion, it was decided the club be known as the ‘Bayside Vehicle(s) Restorers Club’ and that the club cater for all makes and models and include trucks, tractors, stationary engines, bikes etc.

An offer had been made that “if a club were formed a ’38 Chev truck would be donated to the club”. The offer was accepted unanimously. John Wright volunteered to design a suitable emblem for the club. Membership Fees – After discussion, it was agreed the fees be as follows :-

  • $3 joining fee
  • $5 membership fee per year per family
  • Meetings – the 2nd Thursday of each month was chosen

Next meeting to be held 19th March. John expressed his willingness to let us continue meeting at his home. A cup of coffee, provided by Dawn, and much informal chatting brought the evening to a close. (Bayside Vehicle Restorers Club Minutes Book 9-3-78)

So began our Club twenty-nine years ago. The next meeting attracted fifteen people, including 4 new folk. A “Club” rubber stamp had been purchased by the Treasurer together with a receipt book. The Chev truck had been donated by Warren Harris and arrangements were made to move it to the side of John’s house. The first Club outing was arranged as a picnic lunch and yarn on Good Friday at Wynnum.

In April, the Club contacted the Museum Committee to ‘indicate our willingness to put on a display at the Cleveland Show and/or Strawberry Festival’. Steve Forrest donated a grille for the Club’s Chev.  The display was again discussed in May with eight cars available. “Those interested in sand blasting panels are to hire a machine and work together on their project on Monday June 5 th ”…. the May minutes recorded. The display dominated discussion in June where final preparations were made with a roster of members drawn up ‘to watch’ the cars on display. In July the success of the display was reported and the members congratulated themselves on a successful public debut. Another important decision was made in August to collect 10 cents per family each meeting towards the cost of a ‘cuppa’. In September, moves were made to join the Combined Council and planning undertaken for the Strawberry Festival procession. In October, a working bee was organized to ‘clean up’ the old cars offered to the Club and stored in John’s yard. The first
year was coming to a close and at the November meeting a Christmas party was organized with the suggestion that Fort Lytton might be suitable, but, as the December Minutes reveal, it was unavailable so Fellmonger Park – Hilliards Creek was chosen. The December meeting concluded with a slide show by Les Collins.
Secretary’s report Bayside Vehicle Restorers Club – 1978.

“We have held 16 meetings since the first night we met to discuss the formation of the Club and over that time our average attendance per meeting has been 12. Members cars have been displayed at 2 Cleveland Shows, as well as the Cleveland High School Fete and we took part in the procession at the Strawberry Festival. During the past year, members have helped clean up a yard full of old vehicles and have obtained from these, spares suitable for sale at Swap Meets. We have been given a Chev Truck to be restored for the Club’s use and have made concrete standards for use at our displays, so the Clubs assets have increased. The members enjoyed a very happy picnic in December to celebrate the end of the year, but our efforts to visit Coochie Mudlo Island at Easter time were somewhat dampened by rain. We have drawn up a constitution and have applied to the Combined Council for membership. In concluding this First Annual Report, I would like to compliment the members on their enthusiasm, friendship and good humour, and I sincerely hope our Club will continue to flourish and share with the district some of the fun and enjoyment of owning an old car”.
[Bayside Vehicle Restorers Club Minute Book]

The Hope Fulfilled.
When the Secretary expressed the hope the Club would “flourish” there were sixteen members and in 2007, there were 134 members and we continue to ‘share with the district some of the fun and enjoyment of owning an old car’.

1979 saw much of the same as 1978 with a display at the show, more work on the Chev truck and finally being admitted to the Combined Council. Club T-shirts were looked into and an end of year picnic was held at Carbrook Aquatic Gardens. At the beginning of 1980, there was a further discussion on T-shirts and in April the Minutes recorded, “Discussion regarding Club T-shirts was comprehensive and the following motion was accepted, moved John, seconded Laurie Willis ‘That we order 30/50 shirts in assorted sizes and a colour to be determined’. At the next monthly meeting, a copy of the logo for T-shirts was shown and members agreed on the following details :-

Beige shirt with brown trim.  Orange, black and brown lettering. 50 to be ordered.

Since then the club has used a white shirt and then, for our 25 th anniversary, we adopted a blue T-shirt with the Club name knitted into the collar. Club hats were designed and given to every member as part of our 25 th birthday celebrations. The Club has grown to be one of the best known Clubs in Queensland. The runs and rallies we organize are well accepted by members of other clubs. Our runs often attract 30 vehicles while the long distance interstate runs will often attract 10 cars. Bayside members have been on Club runs to the top of Cape York and Ayres Rock and along the Great Ocean Road to Adelaide and back.

The BVRC is still affiliated with the Queensland Combined Council of Historic Vehicle Club Inc (QHMC). The Club now meets at the Donald Simpson Centre at Cleveland and regularly attracts 50 – 60 members to meetings. The Club is still flourishing, is financially secure and each year raises over $2000 for charity.

Forward to 2019 and the Club is still growing, with approx 200 members, and still moving forward. We now donate in excess of $3000 to charities. We have our midweek runs once or twice a month, dinner night out once a month, ladies morning tea once a month (men can come too!!) and Saturday morning short runs.

Redlands Australia Day Rally and our Swap Meet are our two biggest events for the year closely followed by our Cancer Council Biggest Morning Tea. We now have our meetings on the 2nd Friday of each month at 7.30pm in the hall at the Ormiston State School and still attract 50 – 60 members each meeting.

The Bayside Vehicle Restorers Club Inc still has the same friendly approach it had back in 1978.

“BVRC working for the Historic Motoring Enthusiast