Unfortunately, due to the rise of cases in SEQ, and the high average age age of our members and guests placing them in a higher risk category, our committee has made the heart breaking decision to cancel our 2022 Australia Day Rally.

We wish all our members and guests a happy Australia Day, and hope everyone stays safe and healthy.

Bayside Vehicle Restorers Club Inc. (BVRC) is based around the Brisbane bay-side suburb of Cleveland. The club caters for owners of all makes of Veteran, Vintage, Historic & Classic vehicles, over 30 years old as well as enthusiasts of these classic vehicles. BVRC was formed in 1978 and has enjoyed continuous activity ever since. It currently has 190 members with over 450 vehicles.

The Club’s aims are to:

  • Foster interest in the history, restoration and preservation of Veteran, Vintage, Historic, Classic motor vehicles of all types and makes.
  • Promote & encourage the use and enjoyment of driving member’s vehicles on our well planned runs & outings.
  • Encourage social activities for members and their families.
  • Provide information and support for members restoring vehicles of all types.

The club membership is open to owners of all makes of Veteran, Vintage, Historic & Classic vehicles over 30 years old including motor cycles, buses and trucks. It is also open to anyone interested in these classic vehicles. The club is affiliated with the Queensland Historic Motoring Council.

The Bayside Club organises mid-week and week-end day runs for members each month. The club also arranges regular social outings, week-ends away and at least one long distance run each year.

We also conduct a number of significant major motoring activities each year such as:

The Club also has an extensive library of automotive books which are available for members to borrow. The library contains a wealth of information as well as interesting books covering all aspects of motor vehicles

A very good quality club magazine is produced four times each year. The magazine contains reports about the club’s recent events; technical & news articles; and general interest automotive information.

Latest Club News

Magazine Articles

  • 1966 Ford Mustang

1966 Ford Mustang

November 26th, 2021|

1966 Ford Mustang - November 2021 - January 2022 Cover Story The Ford Mustang was very much a product of its times. Shrewd marketers in the US in the late 1950s and

  • 1963 Riley One-Point-Five MarkIII

1963 Riley One-Plus-Five Mark III

August 17th, 2021|

1963 Riley One-Plus-Five Mark III - August 2021 - October 2021 Cover Story From a distance the Riley One-Point-Five will look familiar to many Australians of our generation. Until one looks closely

1963 Humber Sceptre

June 2nd, 2021|

1963 Humber Sceptre - May 2021 - July 2021 Cover Story Lawrie and Jean Bennett own this 1963 Mark I Humber Sceptre. This rare sports saloon was a bare shell restoration in 1993,

  • 1914 Talbot 4CBX Roadster

1914 Talbot 4CBX Roadster

February 26th, 2021|

1914 Talbot 4CBX Roadster  - February 2021 - April 2021 Cover Story I was manufactured in London by Clement Talbot early last century, and took up residence on a station property near

  • 1939 Series 60 Oldsmobile

1939 Series 60 Oldsmobile

November 19th, 2020|

1939 Series 60 Oldsmobile - November 2020 - January 2021 Cover Story From 1939 to 1948 the Series 60 was Oldsmobile’s entry-level model in the US market. While its trim level reflected its

1951 RMB Riley

August 28th, 2020|

1951 RMB Riley - August 2020 - October 2020 Cover Story In the May 2020 issue we described Robin Hull’s experience with his first restorations, a 1928 Rugby and two

Upcoming Events

Club Social Evening – January

January 18, 6:15 pm - 9:00 pm

Midweek Club Run – January

January 20, 9:30 am - 2:00 pm

** CANCELLED ** – Australia Day Rally 2022

January 26, 6:00 am - 10:30 am

Toowoomba Swap Meet

February 4 - February 6