Seat Belts for 7-16 in Historic vehicles.

The transport minister has written advising that he has requested that the Queensland Road Rules be changed to bring them into line with the National Road Rules. This will have the effect of removing the requirement to fit seat belts to historic vehicles, which were never designed to have seat belts fitted, to carry children aged between 7 and 16 years. As soon as the changes come into effect further details will be published.

Seatbelts and or child restraints will still be required to carry children under seven even after the rules change in 2013

Road Rule 267

Exemptions from wearing seatbelts
(1A) A person in or on a motor vehicle is exempt from wearing a seatbelt if–
(a) the seating position that the person occupies is not fitted with a seatbelt; and
(b) there is no requirement for that seating position to be fitted with a seatbelt; and
(c) all passengers in the vehicle who are exempt from wearing a seatbelt are complying with subsection (8).
(1B) Subsection (1A) does not apply to a person who is under 7 years old. (7 to 16 years are to ride in the back seat only.)